Loyalty Restaurant and Lounge Closes its Doors After 18 Months in Old Town Scottsdale

After an 18-month run, the Loyalty Restaurant and Lounge in Old Town Scottsdale has closed its doors. The popular nightclub was renowned for its live hip hop music and celebrity appearances, as well as its unique flavors of African and African Diaspora cuisine. The menu at Loyalty Lounge was based on the gastronomic traditions of Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and the Southern United States. All ingredients were carefully sourced from local farms, responsible suppliers and fair trade sources.

In addition, the lounge offered a selection of wines, beers and liquors made, owned or developed by black artisans. The sudden closure of Loyalty Lounge has left many people in Old Town Scottsdale disappointed. However, there is hope for a new restaurant and bar that celebrates the rich and diverse flavors of Africa and the African Diaspora.


is set to open soon and will offer a unique dining experience for locals and visitors alike. The closure of Loyalty Lounge is a reminder that businesses come and go, but the spirit of Old Town Scottsdale remains strong.

With the opening of Latha, residents and visitors can look forward to a new restaurant that celebrates the culture and cuisine of Africa and the African Diaspora.

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