The Best Corporate Event Venues in Scottsdale, Arizona

Are you searching for the ideal spot for your next corporate event in Scottsdale, Arizona? Look no further! Scottsdale has a wide range of corporate event venues to choose from, ranging from aircraft hangars to private spaces. Whether you're looking for a unique space for a team building activity or a luxurious ballroom for a wedding, there's something for everyone. Cave Creek Outfitters is one of the top corporate event venues in Scottsdale. With a capacity of 1500 people and located within 30 minutes' drive of ten of Scottsdale's best hotels, this venue is perfect for large events.

The experienced event planners will help you with all your needs, including full production, sound and audiovisual effects. Cloth & Flame is another great option for corporate events in Scottsdale. This fully customizable service offers unique venues that are as unique as your event. They work directly with private owners and explore new locations for free.

Cloth & Flame also provides beautiful tablecloths and backdrops to make your event even more impressive. Warehouse 215 is a modern, rustic space for corporate events in Phoenix that offers a refreshing change of pace from typical hotel meeting rooms and conference centers. This warm and open space has a capacity of up to 1200 people and features large, plain white walls for projecting images or presentations. It also has a license to sell alcoholic beverages and offers a variety of beverage packages to meet your needs.

The Chateau Luxe is another great option for corporate events in Scottsdale. This venue offers flexible meeting space for up to 1000 people, with banquets, classrooms, theater, reception, U-shaped organization and conferences available. The Chateau Luxe also provides on-site catering and high-speed wireless Internet access throughout the property. K1 Speed is an indoor kart racing stadium located in Phoenix, Arizona that can accommodate groups of 8 to several hundred drivers.

Top Golf can also accommodate small groups of 7 to 12 players, as well as large groups for its all-inclusive packages. El Chorro is a stunning event venue in Scottsdale with magnificent views of Scottsdale's iconic landscapes such as Camelback Mountain. This place has several spaces for events, large and small, to accommodate your colleagues, wedding parties or close friends. The Venue Scottsdale is another popular venue for parties, weddings and business events located in the old town of Scottsdale.

This 38,000 square feet venue has four different floors with several bars, a ballroom, conference rooms and a billiard room. Desert Foothills is an elegant venue for corporate events in Scottsdale that boasts of being the only “exclusive” indoor and outdoor event space in and around Phoenix and Scottsdale. Scottsdale Private Event Venues also has rooms that are truly unique and offer endless possibilities. Finally, Top Golf is the best choice for Scottsdale corporate events with locations in Scottsdale, Tucson, Gilbert and Glendale.

No matter what type of corporate event you're planning, there's sure to be the perfect venue in Scottsdale to make it memorable!.

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