The Best Private Restaurants in Scottsdale for Events: An Expert's Guide

Are you looking for the perfect place to host your private event in Scottsdale, Arizona? Look no further! Scottsdale is home to some of the best restaurants for private events, offering a variety of unique and delicious dining experiences. From modern gastropubs to classic steakhouse restaurants, there's something for everyone. Here is an expert's guide to the best private restaurants in Scottsdale for events.

Roka Akor - Scottsdale

is an excellent choice for a private event.

The Mowry & Cotton's Verdigris room features floor-to-ceiling glass doors with views of the patio and the pools beyond, as well as beautiful barn doors that close off the party from the restaurant and provide a more intimate atmosphere. The room also boasts a large wall of glass bottles and high ceilings, creating an open and inviting atmosphere.

J&G Steakhouse

is another great option for your next meeting or event. The restaurant offers an array of classic steakhouse dishes, as well as an extensive wine list. There are several inspiring locations to choose from, designed to create a memorable dining experience in any size.

Culinary Dropout

is a great place to hang out where you can eat, drink and play.

The restaurant has a spacious outdoor patio with plenty of comfortable, padded seating available for larger groups. This casual and exclusive restaurant offers a fresh farmhouse table with style and elegance. The Grassroots Kitchen & Tap menu offers an eclectic menu of modern American dishes with an emphasis on quality ingredients. Start with one of the dishes to share, such as prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, which is grilled and drizzled with maple syrup.

As a main course, vegetarians will appreciate the farm-to-table vegetable platter, which includes a selection of traditional chef tomatoes, sautéed chard, grilled asparagus and a serving of local, seasonal vegetables, served with a garnish of Texas toast drizzled with honey. Sandwiches, salads, seafood and barbecue complete the menu. The homemade desserts and the coffee and juice bar offer a sweet finish to your meal.

Pig & Pickle

is a comforting foodie paradise in Scottsdale with a menu full of classic comfort food dishes. However, don't expect run-of-the-mill comfort food.

The menu has been carefully designed for unexpected flavor profiles and is imbued with gourmet sensibility. There's also a good drinks menu full of artisanal cocktails. Bread is freshly baked every day and dishes are prepared with local ingredients whenever possible. The restaurant makes its own homemade aioli and also grows its own herbs.

It's no wonder that the motto of the house is simple, humble, good. Pig pickle & is also a good option if you want to eat something delicious late at night in Scottsdale.

Ocean 44

is the perfect destination if you're looking for the best event space in Scottsdale to host your celebration or meeting. This modern Scottsdale restaurant, another creation of Fox Restaurant Concepts, is described as the city's rebellious children's gastropub, where staff can create bold culinary experiments in a relaxed, professional environment. Finally, Citizen Public House in Scottsdale is an informal and exclusive restaurant and bar that is ideal for eating and socializing late at night. With its unique atmosphere and delicious menu options, Citizen Public House is sure to make your event one to remember.

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